Dan Crouthamel · Nov 18, 2019

Cache vs IRIS install

Has the Cache install been replaced with IRIS? Sorry if this is a silly question. I remember downloading Cache before and using Cache studio. I can't seem to find a download for that anymore, just IRIS? I did grab that and I'm able to connect Studio to what I need.

If there is still a Cache download, where can I find it?


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Hello Dan,

As of Studio 2019.2 IRIS Studio is compatible with Caché and Ensemble as well. Studio is backwards compatible and the latest version is the most stable, so it seems that the only standalone Studio installation available is IRIS Studio.

You can get older Studio versions by performing client installs using Caché kits, but there is no advantage to doing so.

Community version of IRIS and IRIS for Health are available on

Community docker versions of IRIS and IRIS for health are available on InterSystems store at with the following tags:

docker pull store/intersystems/iris-community:2019.4.0.379.0

docker pull store/intersystems/irishealth-community:2019.4.0.379.0

Enterprise versions of IRIS and Caché are available for download at .

Also InterSystems IRIS Enterprise and Community Edition are avaialble via InterSystems cloud offerings on AWS, GCP and Azure.


Thanks for the feedback. I installed IRIS on a GCP node and then IRIS on a windows machine. When connecting Studio to GCP, it tells me to get a newer version of studio. The GCP node is running 2019.2, but the client studio version is 2019.1. I'm not sure where to get a newer client?

You can find Studio-only installations in the Components section of the WRC distributions page, which includes versions compatible with IRIS 2019.2.