Cache Task Manager Usage and Configuration

I was curious if application partners were developing their own task managers for scheduling background tasks, or using the built in task schedule that is part of the Cache platform.

For those that are using the Cache task manager, what has been your method for distributing default tasks that your application needs during initial install as well as upgrades?  Are you distributing an export of the %SYS.Task object, or perhaps you are distributing an installation script that adds a task to the task scheduler when it is first run?



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We distribute a COS routine which runs after our application update is imported and does all the necessary job: checks if the TASKMGR's task already exists in schedule, and sets it up if not. Some tasks are the subject for manual setup as their settings may depend on local instance specific.

We have built our own schedulers in the main but for the odd Cache Task Manager task we have created we just export and import the subclass.

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