· Nov 15, 2019

Cache Studio/HealthShare Studio: Unable to work on the studio after crashing.

Hi everyone,

I've encountered this annoying issue so many times before, if any one also encounter this issue, please share here if you have any solution.

So, I've been working on a web service project using HealthShare 2015. Sometimes I have to set a debug target to a csp file to debug it. If I pause the debug process about 3 minutes above or so (to examine an object, variable, etc..) the studio will hang.

After that, If I still try to click to the studio, the pop-up will appear to ask if I want to restart the studio. After restarting, If I click to debug button again, there will be a pop-up saying something like this and prevent me to continue working.

User <username> in process '###' has <last open file name.cls> open for editing.

Whenever I got this issue, I have to restart HealthShare, restart the production, replace breakpoint, etc... which is driving me crazy.

TLDR, I got 2 issues, please help:

1. Studio hang if debugger pauses over 3 minutes or so when target csp file.

2. After crashing and restarting studio, no way to make it work normally except restarting HealthShare.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Studio behaves really annoyingly if it loses its TCP/IP connection, as you described. I don't know how to prevent that. You probably don't have to restart HealthShare, though. When the crash happens, don't close the dialog immediately. Instead, first remove all locks for the process Studio was connected to; it shouldn't be too hard to find. (Something like System Operation -> Locks -> Manage Locks, I don't have access to a HealthShare instance right now.) Then allow Studio to reconnect, which should now work without issues.

Studio Uses Super port to connect to DB. And keep connected all the time, when it loses connection it offers to even restart Studio not just reconnect. It can also hang when you doing a big compile.

I would recommend finding a way to migrate to the latest version. And so, you will be able to use VSCode-ObjectScript, which does not care about connection status, you can restart the server, you can do debug and big compile.