Ponnumani Gurusamy · Sep 10, 2016

Cache or Caché?

What are the difference between Caché and Cache.

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Whats the strange question?

Are you know meaning for two of this words ?

Caché - it's an InterSystems database, platform which you are working on

and cache -  which is just a technology, it is a bunch of ways hardware and software how to return previously accessed data more quickly 

The official name of the database technology is InterSystems Caché.

But sometimes people are lazy, or they have no é letter on the keyboard and use Cache in their articles, questions and answers in the meaning of Caché.

Which can be confusing when you try to search the Internet looking for the information on DBMS Caché and find information about memory cache.

I always try to search for 'InterSystems Caché' or 'InterSystems cache' to get relevant search results.

It's not that people are lazy, as much as it is unaware of how to type an é on an English keyboard.

Some would say poor marketing played a role here as it is quite difficult to search for Caché information due to search engines grouping the results with cache.

This question is discussed in NewBie's Corner Session 18 Caché or Cache.

The e with an accent is easily typed (on a Windows laptop) by holding down the ALT key and then 0233 - é.  It's little effort to make it clear in distinguishing between the two terms and I wish more people would do it!

Disclaimer - Mac results may vary

Thank you Elizabeth! I would add mac variant: press Alt+e then e again and you get é.

TOO HARD!  Long-Hold the 'e' key and you get options!  Woo Mac!

You can also use the [ALT GR] key with the E key to get é.

The Alt 0233 seldom works for me.  Like in this reply.  Neither does Alt+e.

You can use Show Emoji & Accents window, which you can enable in Preferences/Keyboard: "Show viewers for keyboard, emoji, ..." . Once enabled, you can select "Show Emoji & Accents window" in keyboard selector. Select é in the window.

On Mac,  if you hold the 'e' key down you should see a number of choices that will pop up including the é.   This will work for other letters as well.

I have my Windows configuredwith keyboard as "US International", this makes it very easy to get quite all of these accented and special letters.

I just type a single quote ' folowed by an e and get é. This is very usefull if you need to write in languages that have accented characters like all latin ones.

Of course there are some cons, like if I want a single quote I need to type ' followed by a space so I get it on screen and it does not get combined with another letter that can have accent variations.

I guess we are disappearing down a rat hole here... but it is good use Caché when you mean Caché  especially as I also talk and email a lot about Caching as well. On mac i use textexpander for Caché and any number of other phrases on iPhone I use settings -> general -> keyboard -> text  replacement...