· Dec 13, 2018

Cache ODBC error

Hello All,

Hoping someone can help with this odd error.

A vbscript file is being used to perform an update to cache.

The file has worked without an issue for well over a year.

Recently, the update has begun to throw an error.

(class references modified to remove client data)


C:\Web\Config\SchedTasks\script1.VBS(73, 6)

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers: [Cache ODBC][State : S1000][Native Code 105]


[SQLCODE: <-105>:<Field validation failed in UPDATE>]

[Location: <ServerLoop>]

[%msg: <Field 'Reg.Pat.Column2' (value 'USERNAME') failed validation>]

Notice that the query is attempting to update COLUMN1 which is a free text column.

COLUMN2 is NOT referenced in the query but is a Y/N column.

So an attempt to validate a string that is not Y/N would be expected to fail validation for COLUMN2.

But the big question is:

What could have been changed that would cause COLUMN1 to begin to be validated against COLUMN2?

The columns themselves have not been edited for about two years.

As a further oddity, note that this query works without error:

UPDATE CACHE.UCI.Reg.Pat (Column2,Column1) VALUES (NULL,'USERNAME') WHERE ID = '2190284'

and both fields are correctly updated.

Any assistance appreciated!

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