Robert Osborne · Dec 13, 2018

Cache ODBC error

Hello All,

Hoping someone can help with this odd error.

A vbscript file is being used to perform an update to cache.

The file has worked without an issue for well over a year.

Recently, the update has begun to throw an error.

(class references modified to remove client data)


C:\Web\Config\SchedTasks\script1.VBS(73, 6)

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers: [Cache ODBC][State : S1000][Native Code 105]


[SQLCODE: <-105>:<Field validation failed in UPDATE>]

[Location: <ServerLoop>]

[%msg: <Field 'Reg.Pat.Column2' (value 'USERNAME') failed validation>]

Notice that the query is attempting to update COLUMN1 which is a free text column.

COLUMN2 is NOT referenced in the query but is a Y/N column.

So an attempt to validate a string that is not Y/N would be expected to fail validation for COLUMN2.

But the big question is:

What could have been changed that would cause COLUMN1 to begin to be validated against COLUMN2?

The columns themselves have not been edited for about two years.

As a further oddity, note that this query works without error:

UPDATE CACHE.UCI.Reg.Pat (Column2,Column1) VALUES (NULL,'USERNAME') WHERE ID = '2190284'

and both fields are correctly updated.

Any assistance appreciated!

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This issue has magically disappeared after about a week.

So we remain in the dark as to the cause but at least it is no longer an issue.

If anyone has any ideas what could have caused the issue, please do feel free to share your thoughts.

Maybe cause by some kind of fault in query caching? Please post your $ZVERSION info in case it's relevant.

Thanks for the response John Murray.

The $ZV is:

Cache for OpenVMS/IA64 V8.4 (Itanium) 2014.1.3 (Build 775U + Adhoc 14737)  6-JAN
-2015 13:27:05.86