· Mar 31, 2019

Cache to Mobile: Xamarin Forms, .NET Standard, JSON and all the things ...

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

is there any indication that the .NET object representation of Cache objects (i.e. InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.dll) complies with .NET Standard? I'm planning to extend our existing .NET client/server solution with a mobile option by Xamarin Forms and can't find any significant hints in the internet.

I'm just fooling around a bit and made some expreiments with a REST API and a generic object-to-JSON tier:

ClassMethod ObjectFromObject(As %RegisteredObject, class As %String = "", package As %String = "") As %DynamicObject
class = "" class = o.%ClassName()
package = "" package = o.%PackageName()
type = package_"."_class

dyn = ##class(%DynamicObject).%New()

i=1:1:def.Properties.Count() d
.name = def.Properties.GetAt(i).Name, ltd = name_"LogicalToDisplay"
.value = $method(o, ltd, $property(o, name))
.dyn.%Set(name, value)


I hope for any instructive comment.

Thanks and regards

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