Sankar Manogaran · Apr 28, 2016

Cache Installation Issue


Our Cache server(version 5.0.15) has recently crashed. We are in the process of recovery. We had replaced the server's hard disk and trying to install the cache(5.0.15) But getting the following error. Any body show some light on the issue.

CctrlInstallStartCP( CACHE ) failed! Return value: 1
CctrlGetLastError() returned:

A problem was encountered while attempting to restore the write image
journal file (CACHE.WIJ). See the console log for more information.
If you want to start Cache without restoring the write image journal,
move the file to an alternate location.
Start up procedure terminated.

Error in Function: _CctrlGetLastError, in File: F:\WORK_5~1.15\vobs\install\nt\Install\SCRIPT~1_cctrl.rul, at Line: 49

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For a version of Caché this old (circa 2002) I strongly suggest that you contact the WRC directly for assistance (  That will be your best bet to getting your system back online as quickly as possible.

Please feel free to report back here as to the root cause and resolution for what you're seeing.


I want to second Ben's advice to contact the WRC.  

I also want to add, for anyone reading this later, that moving the CACHE.WIJ file (as suggested in the error above) is an extremely dangerous operation.  Please don't ever do this without contacting the WRC.  Moving the WIJ can lead to data integrity problems which may or may not be obvious.  There are almost always other ways to start the system.