sansa stark · Sep 2, 2016

Cache up gradation Cache 5.02 to cache 16

Hi ,

we need to upgrade the Cache 5.02 to cache 16 in windows server 12.
How to upgrade cache 16 in same cube of cache 5.02.

note:we need to upgrade existing cache 5.02 not new instance.


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Since so big difference between this versions, and you may caught many incompatibilities, I would very recommend to install  new instance and move all your data and settings from the old one. And then check everything in your application very carefully.

Dmitry is correct: do not try to upgrade on your production server. You may end up with a mess. Create a new server, move routines/globals/classes to the new server and test extensively.

Difficulty in upgrading Cache depends completely on your application. If you use exotic features like $ZU, calls to the OS, third party software, discontinued functions, it will be harder to upgrade.

Tom Fitzgibbon | Multidata | 347-464-8531

yes we are using new server.but made same setup of existing server and we try upgrade cache 5.02 to cache 16 same instance.
what kind problem occurred ?

Sanasa -

Your upgrade difficulty will be determined by your current application. No way to provide specific information for your site.

A starting place: for general information.

Suggest you hire someone very familiar with upgrading older Cache systems on a temp basis to help prepare an upgrade roadmap and then make the upgrade.

Tom Fitzgibbon | Multidata | 347-464-8531