Cache Database and SSMS Integration Services Catalogs (SSIS)

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to built a SSIS package thru BIDS Visual Studio 2013. My Datasource is a InterSystems Cache Database, I wanted to Import Tables records from the Datasource to MS SQL Server 2014.

As a Sanity check. I only created one Package to import one Table to MSSQL Server to try out. The connection to the InterSystems Cache Database was successful. The DSN for the InterSystems Cache Database is created in the System for 32 and 64 Bit.

Here is where my Problem lies. I can successfully execute the SSIS Package in the BIDS Visual Studio 2013 BUT when i deploy the SSIS Package into the Integration Services Catalogs in the SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) i get the following errors:

I tried so many Options but it just doesnt fix the Problem. It seems that the SSMS Integration Services Catalogs cannot recognize my Datasource BUT why?

Thanks for any tips and help. Thanks a lot in advanced!


I personally deeply distrust all products from Microsoft and their management tools


If your Caché is installed on a 64bit Windows you also need to use 64bit ODBC drivers.
Removing the 32bit DSN for Caché might solve your issue.
As your screenshot says (in German) you can do this only with a 32bit ODBC administrator tool. 

Hi Robert!

Thank you so much for your reply and insights. But I cannot delete the 32-Bit ODBC Driver because some other System is using this DSN. I desperately need some help on this issue. It's just very frustrating why it works in visual studio 2013 but when i deploy it in the SQL Server Management Studio Integration Services Catalogs, it just doesnt work!

Any help and tips are much appreciated. Thanks in advanced!


In this case, I'd suggest to contact WRC for help.
SMSS seems to select the wrong DSN.