· Apr 22, 2021

Cache code conversion tool


I have a requirement to convert few screens having character based interface built in Cache to a web based interface in Java while still keeping Cache as the backend which means database will remain the same. Wanted to know if we have any tool in the market which can help doing that keeping in consideration that these screens in cache are using mumps code. 

If we don't have any tool, would appreciate if someone shares their experience in the manual conversion as well.

Product version: Caché 2017.1
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I've manually converted some character cell screens over to CSP.  The hardest part was just figuring out from the underlying code where and how the data was being stored in order to maintain consistency.  It wasn't object script, so I needed the CSP to perform direct global writes to the DB the way the server side hot reads did.  There were some system variables that I also needed to utilize that weren't automatically available to the new front-end.

Hi. I've never come across any automatic conversion from character user interface (CHUI) to any web-based one. You might stand a chance if the screens were written in some sort of "screen generator" framework, but most I've seen are basically hand-coded, and the problem is that they work on a field-by-field basis. So they read one field, validate input, update bits of the screen and data, and then move to the next field. This does not match well with web pages that tend to work a screen at a time, so automatic conversion is impossible. Sorry about that. I'd like to be proved wrong, of course - maybe some of the systems I work on could be converted! Anyone?