Joshua Feener · Aug 30, 2019

Cache cannot access /home/<system name>/ directory in linux

I have a repository that I want to have in my /home/centos7/ directory, but it appears that Cache cannot access files there. Is that really the case? 

It seems like this is the case because in System Management Portal, when I try to up a new database in /home/centos7/, there aren't any directories listed, even if I add a custom one. Is Cache blocked out from this directory, and are there any others that Cache doesn't have the permission to access? 

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I'm guessing it is a permissions issue. I would start by opening the directory up 

chmod 777 /home/centos

Better yet, are you starting caché as the root user? That might help considerably

That was the solution! Thank you! I tried chmod 766, and that didn't work, it needs to be 777. 

Going forward, i'd make a practice of keeping the directories that you want to operate cache in owned by the cache user (cacheusr) and the group. Also, doing a ccontrol start as root will typically provide permissions that these issues won't come up. Root is especially useful later when record locking comes into play

Thanks to Sean O'Connor for the simple solution, just ran chmod 777 /home/centos7 and my files and directories were accessible in Management Portal.