· Feb 17, 2016

Caché Monitor - A database tool primarily for InterSystems Caché allows sql queries across namespaces

Caché Monitor is a database\sql tool primarily for InterSystems Caché but can also connect to MS SQL Server, MS Access and more databases. Within Caché Monitors Server Navigator you see all available Namespaces on your Caché Servers. No need to know the name of the Namespace, no need to configure many many JDBC Connections by hand. Just click on the namespace and see all objects like tables, views, classes and more...

There is a beta build available with some new features: A main new feature in this build is called Query Cloud. With this feature you can write SQL Statements across multiple Caché Servers; Namespace and combine (SQL JOIN!) this data with other datasources like SQL Server; MS Access or simple CSV files.

All this is done with zero installation on the Server side. More details:

Please watch this video to see how it works. This video demonstrates how you can work with CSV files within the Query Cloud and query the data like database tables.

Keep in mind please: all this is done locally and maby not the right way to work with very large tables with millions of rows. But maybe it is the right thing to make adhoc queries and analyse the data before you go on and export\import your data to combine it in one namespace for analysis purposes.

An evaluation license is attached to this post. It would be great if you make some tests within your environment and play with this feature. I'm very interested in getting feedback (email preferred). Thanks for your time!

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