· Sep 16, 2021

Caché to IRIS Upgrade for Athena / IDX

Hi There,

We are upgrading from Cache to IRIS this weekend and I was curious what version of IRIS I need to download.     Once our system is live on IRIS, I will no longer be able to use Ensemble.   If anyone knows the version of IRIS and could pass that along to me, it would be much appreciated.


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Hello Alicia,

I would recommend you reach out to your Athena representative for guidance on what version of IRIS to migrate to. I anticipate you will also need them to distribute to you the appropriate kit.

It also sounds like you are planning to go live with this change in the very near future. I would suggest testing this upgrade before attempting in your live environment.

edit: I may have misinterpreted your org. If you are licensed directly with InterSystems, I'd recommend reaching out to your InterSystems account rep. If you are licensed through somebody else, they can help you with the migration to IRIS.