Milena Donato · Aug 8, 2018

Caché-Fehler: CLASS DOES NOT EXIST *(No name)

Hi everyone

I encountered this error while trying to access a web service (I send a test message with soap ui):

FEHLER #5002: Caché-Fehler: <CLASS DOES NOT EXIST> {my method &class name} .1 *(No name)

I am not able to understand what goes wrong. If I look at the trace on messages in the ensemble message viewer there are no errors. The response message displayed in the trace looks like it is successful but in the SOAP UI tool I get the error message in the response.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks a lot and kind regards


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What is the class name of your Web Service?

Is it also a Business Service? If so - what is the name of the BS component in the Production?

What URL are you using to access this WebService?

I have encountered this error when trying to call the WebService in a way that did not allow Ensemble to understand what is the name of the business service class it needs to use (for example by using the CfgItem URL parameter).