Tom Philippi · Nov 27, 2017

Business Process doesn't result in error when the called business rule does.

I am calling a business rule from one of my business processes and I noticed that when the business rule reports an error that the business process calling that rule just stops without any errors. Resultingly it fails to trigger the scope - catch-all construction that is surrounding the business rule. I know that it is possible to view the errors in business rules in the business rules log, but I really like to push an error message to Ens.Alert or something similar when my business rules report an error. How do I achieve that?

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Okay, I found my error. Somehow my catch-all construction had become empty instead of triggering an Ens.Alert....

Hi Tom,

How do you trigger Ens.Alert from <catchall> in your Business process? Is there a marco available to do so ?