Bootstrapping a Cache application

Dear Colleagues,

Recently I am working on a Cache project should enable the customer, to update our Cache application independently from us. Our idea is a client (preferred .net) application that will copy all the necessary Cache stuff (classes, routines) into a cache database. For this, we are looking for the appropriate technology – in old times this would be a CacheDirect.

Our question: considering up-to-date technologies there seems to be a bootstrap problem: How could one add classes and/or routines to an empty Cache database without using Cache administration tools like the system management portal or even Cache studio? Maybe there are some available system classes (like streams) to use at this point.

Thank you and greetings

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Looks like, you do not know about %Installer.Manifest.  You can use it in any different ways, be it installation new application or just simple changing instance's settings. With this manifest I'm building installation archive with project, it includes deployed code some data, and web sources. I'm installing new server with it, manually, or even with docker. And you can use internal Task Manager to run this installation by schedule automatically. You may also look at this project - GitHubCI, it helps to deploy application automatically just after commit to your github repository.

Installer xml and a bat file to load it into Cache and execute.

Also see this article which describes yet another way to install Caché based solutions.


Thank you for your replies in response to my post. Unfortunately using the %Installer is not really an option: although our scenario has a running Cache-Instance, the customer don’t want to access the Cache-Server.

I fear the only way at this point is to provide a sort of Windows-Client to put this code into the database. A think about a .NET client, using classes of the Intersystem.* namespaces but I am just missing the right idea. On the other hand, there could be a solution based on Cache-direct.

Do you have any idea for a .NET or do you know anything better than Cache-direct.