· Apr 7, 2022

BioStrand Webinar: Accelerate Your Data Interpretation Workflow by Simplifying the Use of Transformer Models & Dictionaries

Register for our free NLP webinar to learn how to accelerate your data interpretation workflow. 

Key learnings from the webinar:

✔️How we connect OMICs layers and text in your research,

✔️How to link your data to multiple knowledge domains using a single simple notebook,

✔️How our API Functions and digital notebooks can support your NLP and OMICs data interpretation to extend your workflows,

✔️Finding associations between the new and the known to aid with data-driven hypothesis generation,

✔️How we help you with a flexible framework to leverage/use a series of transformer models.

Speakers from BioStrand

✔️ Sébastien Lemal PhD, Data Scientist
✔️ @Arnout Van Hyfte, CCO & Co-founder

Time & Date:

11 May, Wednesday
3pm CET, 9am EST

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