· Aug 11

Beta Test the New InterSystems HL7 Interface Specialist Recertification Project

If you hold the InterSystems HL7 Interface Specialist certification, you can potentially get recertified and have your certification expiration date extended by five years by beta testing our new InterSystems HL7 Interface Specialist Recertification project. The project includes hands-on exercises to validate core skills for developers who use InterSystems products to build and test HL7 v2.x productions. During the beta period, which extends until October 31, 2023, anyone who holds the credential is eligible to try the project, and the standard $150 fee is waived for candidates.

The passing score for this project will be determined after the beta-testing period closes. The project is comprised of five sections and estimated to take four hours to complete. Candidates will be provided six hours of VM access to complete Sections 3 and 4 of the project.

If you are interested in beta testing the recertification project, please email
with the following information

  • A week-long period between now and September 30, during which we will provide you with a VM with 6 hours of working time to complete the project
  • Your time zone
  • Your Questionmark (InterSystems exam delivery platform) user ID

Note: InterSystems Certification will be charged for the VM time regardless of whether you complete the project. Thus, if you need to cancel your project appointment, please write to at least 48 hours before your start date.

What are my responsibilities as a beta tester?

You will be assigned the project and will need to complete it within the week-long timeframe you have provided the Certification Team. The project will be administered in an online environment, free of charge (the standard fee of $150 per exam is waived for all beta testers), and then the InterSystems Certification Team will perform a careful statistical analysis of all beta test data to set a passing score for the project. The analysis of the beta test results will take 6-8 weeks, and after the passing score is established, you will receive an email notification from InterSystems Certification informing you of the results. If your score on the project is at or above the passing score, you will successfully be recertified! 

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