· Nov 10, 2017

Best way for autocomplete fast search

Hello All,

what is the best method for search a portion of text in a non-indexed global?

I need to implement an autocomplete kind of search, in a global of >1M registers (text type, not $lb)

Maybe the best way would be use a SQL mapped class, with 'Bitmap' indexes?


Thanks in advance!

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See aside iFind.

I long ago did the tests, using Bible, at searching for of any substring.

  1. without an index
    select IdPara from BookPara where Para like '%огон%'
  2. with index
    select IdPara from BookPara where id %FIND search_index(ParaStemmedI,'*огон*',1)

The number of found rows Performance (sec.) Global references
The result:
without an index 287 0.518 151845
with index 287 0.009 1006

The difference is obvious.