· May 16, 2022

Azure Telemetry with IRIS


I search how to send telemetry data from IRIS to azure. It is possible in other languages with openTelemetry SDK. But there are not SDK for interSystems platform. We would like something totaly automated/integrated.

(We already have telemetry data with prometheus and grafana).

Do you haves any solutions for that ?

Thank you

Product version: IRIS 2021.2
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The OpenTelemetry collector should be able to collect metrics from the IRIS metrics API as well as the structured logs from the logdmn.  I don't have a working example configuration file to show you yet but I expect to have one by June 20th.  

As for a completely shameless plug here for my session on Observability in IRIS at Global Summit, I'm planning to cover the pillars of modern observability stacks, how IRIS fits into them.  At the moment, I'm still deciding which commercial stack to demo (DataDog, perhaps?).  I'll also be covering SAM, recent & future updates,  and how it fits into the bigger observability picture