· Dec 5, 2023

AutoML not available on instance

When trying to create a ML Model I ran into the problem, that AutoML apparantly isn't available on my IRIS instance.

I was able to use the following command successfully: CREATE MODEL ECLASSPREDICT PREDICTING (eClass) FROM SQLUSER.CRMSHOPARTIKEL

Then when trying to use TRAIN MODEL ECLASSPREDICT, I get the error from the image:


Roughly translates to : "-186: Modelprovider not available on this instance. #2822 %ML provider 'AutoML' is not available on this instance"

In my ML Configurations there are 3 standard configurations called %AutoML, %H20 and %PMML which I haven't changed.

I have tried the fix under the "Known Issues" Section of this Doc:
which tells you to run the following command:

import sys

This command ran without error.

The instance is running on a Windows Server 2016.

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2023.3 (Build 254U) Wed Nov 8 2023 13:17:47 EST
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It states IntegratedML, is there a seperate one for AutoML?

Lizenztyp=Concurrent User
Lizensierte Cores=0
Authorized Cores=unlimited
Extended Features=024F1800
- Interoperability
- Analytics Run
- Analytics Analyzer
- Analytics Architect
- Analytics VR Execute
- IntegratedML
- InterSystems IRIS