David Satorres · Jun 17, 2020

Atelier in a zip


I'm trying to install Atelier in my Eclipse installation, but due to network restrictions I am unable to reach the server. Is there any way to download the zip file to install it locally?

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Is there any reasons to install Atelier which will not be updated anymore? Why do not use VSCode with extension VSCode-ObjectScript. At the moment, this is only modern and in active development editor for InterSystems products. You can download the latest file (*.vsix) with this extension here, and install in VSCode by command Install from vsix

While my VSCode is  not fully migrated, I still need my Atelier :)

You can reach me directly if you would need some help with VSCode, I can help with the migration process for sure, as well.

It will be more productive than looking at the Atelier way.

If you really need it, you can contact support to get the Atelier package for a local install. 

I answer myself, in case someone is in the same issue.

WRC response was:
The short answer is that unfortunately there is no stand-alone kit for Atelier, as it is distributed only as a plug-in for Eclipse, and as such it follows the official Eclipse distribution mechanism.

But they gave me a few hints. Finally, I downloaded all the atelier package using wget from another computer, zipped it, copied to the computer and have it installed as local zip package. Worked like a charm :-)