· Mar 9, 2018

Atelier - Where to find .HL7 and .LUT files?

Please forgive me if these questions have been asked and answered before, I've tried searching the posts and docs and really haven't found the answer yet.

  • How does one find and open existing .HL7 and .LUT files in Atelier like one would do in Studio in order to add them to your local project, edit, then save them back to the server?
  • When I attempt to create a new HL7 schema file by right clicking on the project, selecting "New" and "Custom File" and selecting the HL7 Schema wizard, then choose a name and pick something like 2.5 for the base schema, It creates the XML file - but every time I try to compile/save I only get either "Synchronization failed: Invalid header" but always a warning "Resource is out of sync in namespace"

I also noticed that there is no New -> Custom File -> Data Transformation in either the standard or custom templates. I assume something like this is still in development?


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Currently (with Atelier 1.1.391), opening and editing class, routine and csp files are supported. The BPL and DTL graphical editors are also fully supported. Beyond that, more inclusive Ensemble support is targeted for Atelier 2.0. Keep an eye on announcements in the Atelier group in the Developer Community and Atelier release notes for information about upcoming versions.