Mohan Kumar · Sep 13, 2018

Atelier - Web application ERROR #5912

Hi All,

I'm practicing Atelier in Eclipse, but

While working CSP page.

      1. Create new Web Application 

      2.  Open CSP Web Application in Atelier Project 

      3. New CSP page -> Save

i'm getting below error Message.  

/testv1/test.csp was saved locally but could not be saved remotely.

ERROR #5912: Page '/testv1/test.csp' does not exist

test.csp is saved locally but could not be saved remotely.

Reason: /testv1/test.csp was saved locally but could not be saved remotely.

ERROR #5912: Page '/testv1/test.csp' does not exist

i'm using MacOS with Eclipse Atelier.

If i use base csp/<namespace> web application it not throw any error. 

Please share your idea to resolve. 


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My best guess from the description here is that the CSP application was not created properly in the Atelier Project. Currently you cannot create a new CSP application at the Atelier Project level - you need to copy the CSP app from the server. For example:

1. Create a new web application in Caché:

2. In the Atelier Server Explorer, right-click that new CSP application and copy to an Atelier Project (you may need to refresh the server connection for the new application to show up):

3. Create a new CSP page and select the newly copied CSP application:

4. The CSP page should compile as expected in the new web application:

If you would like someone to dial into your system and debug this with you, you can always contact InterSystems Support (by emailing or calling +1 617-621-0700).

Great, Thanks @Nicole Aaron

I guess folder access permit not sure which user is pick eclipse and run to access ensemble.

if i choose existing default CSP Files Physical Path (csp/samples) it works fine else  i'm getting  same error.


The creation of Namespaces, databases, mappings, roles, cspapps etc needs to be done only via the Mgmt Portal

The issue you are facing is clearly of rights. 

Start from the scratch by using %All rights to your namespaces, db, apps etc

Try to not use a different db for routines for starters