Krishna Jasti · May 10, 2017

Atelier Intellisense Not Working

Hi Community,


I'm just editing a class in Atelier. I have added below code into the class.

Set tStream=##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%New()

When I type tStream. , It's not automatically suggesting properties of that object instance in Atelier. If I click "Ctrl+Space", It says "No completions available". 

Is this functionality not available in Atelier yet Or Should I make some configuration changes in Atelier to make it available?

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Thank you for reporting.

This is a known issue that is planned to be fixed in Atelier 1.1. (May be available earlier in beta)

The page at tells you how you can obtain the 1.1 beta provided you are using Atelier as an Eclipse plugin rather than as a standalone Eclipse-based application.

I don't know if the current 1.1 beta fixes this issue, nor if it will require a version of Caché greater that the current 2017.1 release in order to solve it (or indeed to work at all).

It doesn't seem like current Beta version fixed this issue. I just upgraded to 1.1.262, But I still have the same issue.

Probably next versions has a fix for this.