Rubens Silva · May 9, 2017

Atelier: GetDocs bug?


I'm trying to do some experiments using the Atelier REST API, but I noticed a bug that I simply can't bypass.

When requesting the Atelier server asking for an array of docs, it seems to fail when using it with multiple formats.
Like: [ "", "Class.cls" ]

While this method does return the class's source code, it fails when fetching the routine.
Like this:

        "name": "",
        "db": "DEV",
        "ts": "2017-01-24 11:37:05.851",
        "upd": true,
        "cat": "RTN",
        "status": "ERROR #5001: Missing Source for Document: RCWWW015.INT",
        "enc": false,
        "content": "",
        "console": []

Here are some few points that I have noticed: 


* Tested with a .inc doc, same result: missing source for document.

* Put two .int routines, both sources were fetched correctly.

* Classes always take priority and always work.

I didn't tested with other formats, but I suppose the same result applies.

Does anyone else noticed the same?

My version is 2017.1.0 Build 792


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I've just reproduced the issue on "Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2 (Build 671.0U QDTESTSYS) Tue May 9 2017 20:44:20 EDT"

Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
["%Library.String.cls", "lookup1.mac"]
 -- response --
200 OK
Date:  Wed, 10 May 2017 12:57:58 GMT
Server:  Apache
Cache-Control:  no-cache
Expires:  Thu, 29 Oct 1998 17:04:19 GMT
Pragma:  no-cache
Transfer-Encoding:  chunked
Content-Encoding:  gzip
Keep-Alive:  timeout=120
Connection:  Keep-Alive
Content-Type:  application/json; charset=utf-8

    "status": {
        "errors": [],
        "summary": ""
    "console": [],
    "result": {
        "content": [
                "name": "%Library.String.cls",
                "db": "CACHELIB",
                "ts": "2017-05-09 20:31:58.000",
                "upd": true,
                "cat": "CLS",
                "status": "",
                "enc": false,
                "content": [
                    "IncludeGenerator %occUtility",
                    "/// The %String data type class represents a string.",
                ],                "console": []
                "name": "lookup1.mac",
                "db": "SAMPLES",
                "ts": "2002-01-03 12:07:15.000",
                "upd": true,
                "cat": "RTN",
                "status": "ОШИБКА #5001: Missing Source for Document: lookup1.MAC",
                "enc": false,
                "content": "",
                "console": []

Thank you for reporting, Atelier team will look into this.