· Sep 2, 2017

Atelier (Eclipse) Master Password?

When I go through the Atelier Cheat Sheet on the connection configuration, it talks about an Eclipse master password and asks for two hints to remember the master password. However, it does not specify the master password. I can only assume the master password is the same as the Cache instance password.

Can anyone shed some light on this master password, where or how it is used, and any other useful information?

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To autofill password fields, Atelier (Eclipse) stores password that developer enters in different wizards. For example password for connection to Caché, password for connection to Git repository, etc. Atelier stores passwords in secure place called secure storage. Passwords are stored in encrypted form.

Access to the secure storage is protected by master password.

So, when you open some wizard with password field first time after Atelier lunch Atelier asks for master password in order to get password from secure storage and autofill corresponding field.

Let us know what exactly you don't understand and I (or maybe someone else) else will try to explain it.