· Apr 19, 2019

Atelier Context.xml Missing from Repository


I've been following the " Build your First application with Cache " Learning path and followed to steps for installing the Atelier eclipse plugin.

It appears that the repository for the plugin is missing the "content.xml" file.

Parent Path:

File Path (404 not found):

I've followed the guide for modifying the cacerts within the Java 8 jdk here: LINK



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Hi Connor, I've been working with Michelle Stolwyk on this one and I do not think this is a large-scale issue with the stable Atelier repository. I just installed Java 8, Eclipse Photon, and Atelier 1.3.139 (from the stable repo on a fresh machine without any problems.

I think the issue on your system does boil down to a security/proxy problem. Here is an article I've used to help with this type of issue in the past:

If you are still having trouble I would suggest reaching out to InterSystems Support (by calling +1 617-621-0700 or emailing for help with your specific configuration. InterSystems will not be the authority on how to configure a proxy, Java certs, etc. But we can point you in the right direction and send some resources that our customers have used in the past.