Lucas Fernandes · Jul 18, 2018

Atelier. Compilation returns "Failed to read /api/atelier/v1/..."

When I try to compile through Atelier (Compile Project), I noticed that in compilation with error it returns this message 'Failed to read /api/atelier/v1/ ...':

No additional Atelier files to synchronize.
Compile failed: Failed to read /api/atelier/v1/ERP/action/compile?flags=ck
Compile failed: Failed to read /api/atelier/v1/ERP/action/compile?flags=ck
Compile failed: Failed to read /api/atelier/v1/ERP/action/compile?flags=ck
Compile failed: Failed to read /api/atelier/v1/ERP/action/compile?flags=ck

Does anyone know what can it be?

I'm using Atelier beta (latest), with web application configured as Password Authenticated and a user with %ALL.

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Looks to me like there is a problem with your server connection. I recommend you contact the WRC who will be able to resolve the problem quickly.

Hi, I have the same problem. Could you solve it? If so, could you tell me how?

I do not think that Lucas has filed a WRC case to address this.

Lucas - If you figure this out on your own please post your solution here to let us know how you resolved it.

Pilar - Feel free to reach out to InterSystems Support to look into this further (email or call +1 617-621-0700).

So, I enabled the Network Activities view (In the Atelier: Window> Show View> Other> Atelier> Network Activities) and performed the project compilation.
I noticed that when the 'Failed to read' error occurs in the Network Activities view it displays a TimeOut error in this request:

<<<!!! Time:1532368945008 Server: cache201713 POST:/api/atelier/v1/ERP/action/compile?flags=ck Message:Error: Read timed out Total time:30057

This compilation, by terminal, lasts 10 minutes or more. I'm doing some testing to see if compile time is related. Because in namespace with few classes this does not happen, when I create an Atelier project of these.

Does your project last this build time by terminal?

Hello, I restarted the instance and then compile the class producction. And now It's working.

Lucas - Thanks for looking into this and posting your findings here. You can get errors like this in Atelier for long-running compiles. The development team is aware of and looking into it.