· Sep 6, 2017

Atelier + class query

Atelier seem so be having some issues with class queries.

If I try to collapse the query it will collapse everything that comes after it. Also nothing after this query will show in the outline.

This is on version 1.1.351

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I've just started evaluating Atelier two days ago, using the 'latest beta update channel', which gives me version 1.1.391.

I stumbled over this issue today. The 'non-collapsability' is just an annoying side effect. The real problem is that the members are not recognised at all and any calls to these members can not be followed and it looks like the code makes calls to methods that don't exist.

Is this seriously not fixed four months after being logged as a defect? That's a total show stopper for using Atelier. I'll have to go back to Studio.

Thanks for reporting this Peter. It looks like Atelier is not properly recognizing the end of a class' Query member. I found a couple other ways that this issue presents itself - a syntax error on the closing bracket of the class before you compile, and any class members following the Query are not listed in the Outline.

I logged this bug for the Atelier development team (internal reference ATL-4372).

Thanks for checking in, Wolf. You are correct - the bug is with the recognition of the end of a class query. This can present itself in many ways and cause other parser issues throughout the code.

This has been corrected starting with Atelier 1.2. The fix will therefore be available with the next beta update, which we expect to be coming in February.