· Jan 28, 2019

Atelier BPL tab uses wrong Internet Explorer Version, fails.

When I  open a BPL, or DTL class in Atelier it attempts to open a graphical editor using Internet explorer.

Even though I have IE 11 installed it is somehow "stuck" in IE 7 emulation mode when invoked from Atelier (Eclipse).

So I get an error message, and cannot use the graphical editor.  This has been true in the Marketplace Atelier 1.3 and also Beta.

I'm running Atelier IDE Beta 1.3.141, on Eclipse Javascript 2018-12-R.

Two questions:

Why cannot the editor work with IE7 anyway?

How can I get Atelier to invoke IE with the right options?

Why isn't there a tag for "Atelier 1.3 beta"?

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I would suggest first checking the browser you have selected in your Eclipse settings. From the preferences page, select General > Web Browser and confirm that the expected browser is selected.

Next take a look at the settings in your IE 11 browser to check the Emulation settings. (In the F12 Developer Tools make sure that the Document Mode selected there is not 7.)

If you are still having trouble I think we'll need to look into your system-specific settings, such as the operating system, exact build of IE, etc.. That would probably be best handled by InterSystems Support.

As an aside - Atelier is supported on the Eclipse Photon release, not on the 2018-12 release. I do not necessarily think this will solve the problem you are seeing now, but we have seen this cause other problems when using the Atelier plugin. So I would suggest getting a fresh install of the Eclipse Photon client here then install Atelier on this new client.