· May 30, 2018

Atelier 1.2 csp sessions

I have just upgraded to Atelier v1.2 beta and find that I'm using up the license pool.

The longer I work within Atelier the more csp sessions for application /api/atelier I'm creating.  It seems that each class I'm opening in the editor creates a new session. This is ok up to 25 sessions at which point I'm consuming 25 licences units and soon after nobody can log in any more because I'm consuming all licenses. I never really looked at this with v1.1 but that is because I never experienced this problem, so my assumption is that something changed with v1.2.

This is on a Caché 2017.2 instance.

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Hi Wolf,

I am using v2017.2.1 and Atelier 1.2.118 and I'm not experiencing this.

What I have encountered with regard to license consumption and Atelier (also with version 1.1 of Atelier) was that if I did not define a proper user for the server login (i.e. UnknownUser) then multiple users where consumed (per CSP session of the REST calls). So the recommendation is (also regardless of this licensing aspect) to define a real User for login. Note the phenomena I saw was that of multiple Users, not multiple connections of the same User (if that was what you were seeing).

I suggest that if, also when you define a proper User for login, the issue persists (and you don't get any other swift answer from the Community), you should work with the WRC to resolve this (and then hopefully post the answer back here on the Community).