· Nov 9, 2021

ASTM Ensemble Interfacing

Dear All

I am trying to interface LAB instruments with LAB System using ASTM over TCP. I read the documentation here . But I can't understand how to connect instrument and LAB system in same port, please see the screenshot of interface below. Please help.


  • For Servece I use "EnsLib.EDI.ASTM.Service.TCPService" class.
  • For Proccess I use "EnsLib.MsgRouter.VDocRoutingEngine" class.
  • For Operation I use "EnsLib.EDI.ASTM.Operation.TCPOperation" class.



Product version: Caché 2014.1
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Hello Omar,

What problem exactly are you having? It sounds like you have a reasonable configuration.

"The Ensemble architecture prohibits a business service from initiating transmissions outside Ensemble. Replies to received documents are fine, but there is no provision for a business service to initiate an exchange with an entity outside Ensemble.

To adapt this restriction to ASTM conventions, Ensemble provides a special-purpose business operation for use with ASTM business services. This business operation identifies the incoming ASTM business service as its partner service. Whenever any member of the Ensemble production needs to initiate communication to the external device, it invokes this business operation, which sends the transmission out via its partner service. This preserves the Ensemble conventions for internal messaging (a business service may send messages to a business process or business operation only) while leaving room for ASTM conventions (there is only one TCP socket available on the device, and at the other end of this TCP connection is an Ensemble business service)."

Basically, you configure the operation with a connection to your ASTM TCP service and then the operation will be able to "use" the same port.


What schemas do you need? The ASTM schema structure page is the place to start for existing functionality and importing.

edit: I think you edited your comment to add the message you are seeing. I can see on modern ISC products that E1394 is built-in, not sure about on 2014.1.