Array of Objects inside Response Message


We have a BPL that returns in Response several %Strings, Dates. When we try to add Array of Objects property to the Response we verified just before the BPL terminates the response object has correct values in all properties including the array. We checked the Count().  It appears that even array of String works correctly but we prefer to pass objects rather than strings.

When it comes to Response Builder in the calling BPL, the array of objects property in callresponse is not a valid oref, it appears to be missing, other properties of types string or date are valued correctly.

Is it possible to pass an array of objects inside a Response class extended from Ens.Response?


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did you try instead of Array Of Objects  to use List of Objects   ?

(it's different storage structure behind)

My problem was in the Response class definition. I had Property BillingCodes As %Collection.ArrayOfObj; I replaced it with Property BillingCodes As array Of xyz; Everything gets passed along in the Response object from one BPL to the calling one. Thanks!!