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Mike Morrissey · Apr 2, 2020

April 2, 2020 - Alert: HS2020-04: Multiple HealthShare Alerts

Dear HealthShare Customer:

This post is part of the HealthShare HS2020-04 Alert communications process.  The same information is also distributed:

There are 3 alerts in the HealthShare HS2020-04 Alert communication, including the previously posted "Alert: Possible Data Integrity Issues after Adding Mirrored Database"  The Alert Summary is in the table below, and the detail is contained in the attached document: HS2020-04-Communication

Alert Product & Versions Affected Risk Category & Score

HS2020-04-01: Negation in CDA Documents is Ignored by HealthShare

All versions of HealthShare Information Exchange and Unified Care Record

Varies based on data

HS2020-04-02: Possible Race Condition during Health Insight Data Feed

The affected versions are:

  • Health Insight 2018.1, 2019.1.0 and 2019.1.1

2-Low Risk (Operational)

HS2020-04-03: Possible Data Integrity Issues after Adding Mirrored Database

The affected versions are:

  • HealthShare 2019.2 built on IRIS
  • HealthShare 2019.1 or earlier, built on Caché

2-Low Risk (Operational)

If you have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact the Worldwide Response Center (WRC), and reference “HealthShare Alert HS2020-04”.

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