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[April 10-11, 2019] InterSystems joins Europe's Digital Movers and Makers

Hi Everyone!

Please meet InterSystems at - Europe's interactive business festival for digital movers and makers on 10 - 11 April 2019 in Berlin.

We look forward to two-day inspirational lectures and intensive technical discussions and invite you and your colleagues to our InterSystems booth for a personal conversation. In addition, we'll also present a keynote presentation and host a masterclass session.


See the details below.

InterSystems Keynote | 10 April 2019, 11:30 – 11:50

Interoperability enables the next wave of intelligent service-rich applications | Thomas Dyar

The next generation of digital solutions will be increasingly complex, as they leverage more data and a growing array of intelligent services. I will review how these trends shift the challenges from custom software and model development to integrating myriad services and ensuring they interoperate. With traditional programming environments and even dedicated low-code platforms, managing more than a few connected services becomes complex and unwieldy. Also, the volume, velocity and variety of data compounds these integration problems since traditional databases cannot efficiently provide transactional and analytic workload support at scale. Then we will see how developers in logistics, finance and healthcare fields are composing data-intensive, intelligent applications that overcome these obstacles, using new methodologies and platforms specifically designed for this latest phase of technology evolution.

More info here.

InterSystems Masterclass | 10 April 2019, 14:10 – 15:30

Learn how to build and scale intelligent service-rich applications with less custom code | @Benjamin De Boe, @Stefan Wittmann, Thomas Dyar

The new landscape of intelligent services let you build and scale applications and services through integration and interoperability, while relying less on custom development. Thomas Dyar shows you how you can leverage the wide array of services available in your big data applications, highlighting the critical aspects of interoperability when combining multiple services that consume disparate types of data. Then you'll build an intelligent application using Spark for machine learning, and the InterSystems IRIS data platform for service coordination and data management, among other technologies.

What you'll learn, and how you can apply it?

  • Explore intelligent services concepts and best practices for designing analytic applications
  • Learn design patterns for ingesting, collecting, storing, analyzing, and visualizing big data
  • Build a data-intensive application using technologies such as InterSystems IRIS and SparkML


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