Robert Cemper · Dec 25, 2021 1m read


After >40 years writing in-countable lines of code in M*/COS/ISOS (and a bunch of archaic  languages)
I decided for myself to set a strong signal for the future. We have Embedded Python available
(still pre-release)! I just felt it as a sacrilege to ignore this excellent NEW opportunity and
stay with the old sermon that I had used for decades.

   Advent means a time of waiting and preparing for something important to come.
        So to me, it meant Advent of Embedded Python Code that finally showed up in time.  
  ALL class methods of 25 exercises + utility are exclusively written using Embedded Python.
  And I'm proud that it ranked as #3 completed by registered members of the Developer Community.

For later use, I added also

  • all full descriptions of the exercises as Day*.md,
  • a snapshot of the private leaderboard at the time of completion of the exercise,
  • all test data, the exercises input data, and alternate exercises input data,
  • result summaries for all Tests, all Exercises, and all alternate Exercises.

So you are able to follow in all details.  


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