Daniel Tamajon · Feb 12, 2021

Analyze your open source code for free

Since some months ago we automatized source code analysis for projects on Github, so anyone with an open source project can have its code analyzed with no cost.

You only need to create the file ".github/workflows/objectscript-quality.yml" in your project with following contents:

name: objectscriptquality
on: push

    name: Linux build
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

    - name: Execute ObjectScript Quality Analysis
      run: wget && sh ./

That's all!!

Now you only need to wait some minutes to get the results in

As for Robert question, I forgot to mention that on first push it can take several minutes (15-20). After that, following pushes takes about 5 minutes to update results.

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Robert, the trigger is run after each commit.

Please, notice there is a misspelling and path must be ".github/workflows"

Thanks!  lt was a cut/past from my mail 

Sure! It was a typo error on our side. I have updated the article.

Thanks for the fast reaction !!  smileyyes