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· Mar 23, 2021

Alert: Potential Data Integrity Issue with Mirror Dejournaling

March 23, 2021 – Alert: Potential Data Integrity Issue with Mirror Dejournaling

InterSystems has corrected a defect that can cause data inconsistency issues on non-primary mirror members in extremely rare circumstances. This defect affects all released versions of InterSystems products.

If the defect occurs, it happens silently during normal operation on a mirrored system. The result of this defect is that a mirror member fails to dejournal a subset of journal records, which then leads to data inconsistency across mirror members. This affects both failover and async members. Although this defect is very unlikely to be encountered, InterSystems recommends that all customers using mirroring obtain the corrections and verify the consistency of mirrored databases with DataCheck. For more details on the specific circumstances that can trigger the defect and steps to minimize the risk of encountering it, please contact the Worldwide Response Center (WRC).

The corrections for this defect are identified as SML2898, HYY2434, and HYY2435 and will be included in all future product releases, including Caché and Ensemble 2018.1.5 and InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS for Health 2019.1.2 and 2020.1.1. The corrections are also available via Ad hoc distribution from the InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC).

If you have any questions regarding this alert, please contact the Worldwide Response Center.

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