· Mar 13, 2020

Adding Resources to a Newly Created Role

I am attempting to pragmatically create a bunch of roles and then assign the appropriate resources to that role.

Currently, the only ways to add resources to a role are to:

1. Do through Management Portal

2. Go through ^SECURITY (add resource one at a time)


My Intention would be to do the following: do ^SECURITY Role Setup Edit Role When prompted for resources to add, be able to use *


Additionally, I was thinking that an additional method can either exist (that I seem to can't find) or create a new method called AddResources: ##Class(Security.Roles).AddResources("role name", "resources to add [can use * for all]")


Any thoughts or maybe another way to work around this? 

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You can use the Get and Modify methods in coordination with the Security.Resources:List() query (which allows wildcards). Here is some

untested code which will give you an idea of what you can do:

%SYS>s x=##Class(Security.Roles).Get("%developer",.Properties)
%SYS>zw Properties
Properties("Description")="A Role owned by all Developers"

;Now get the list of resources you want using a result set.

Set Rset = ##class(%ResultSet).%New("Security.Resources:List")
 '$$$ISOK(Rset) $SYSTEM.Status.DisplayError(%objlasterror) q
 Status=Rset.Execute("*") ; See class documentation of what you can use for wildcards here
 '$$$ISOK(Status) Do $System.OBJ.DisplayError(Status) q

s ResourceString=""

 While Rset.Next(.Status) {
 s Resource=Rset.Data("Name")
s ResourceString=ResourceString_Resource_":RW"_","


 '$$$ISOK(Status) Do $System.OBJ.DisplayError(Status) q
s ResourceString=$e(ResourceString,1,*-1) ; Remove trailing comma
;Now add to the existing resource string. Duplicates are ignored.

s Properties(Resources)=Properties("Resources")_","_ResourceString

;Now save it

s Status=##Class(Security.Roles).Modify("%developer",.Properties)