· Nov 15, 2016

Accessing selfmade sys namespace csp class through normal namespace

Hi All,

I have SourceControl utility class as in sys namespace

 Class %MW.Web Extends %CSP.Page {... }

Previously with Cache 2010.1 and below  there was no problem accessing it through


But now with newer version at least with  2016.2  I' ll get Forbidden message from it.

With Web Gateway HTTP Trace Facility 

GET /csp/ipanax2/%MW.Web.cls HTTP/1.1  

​-->  HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden  

How can we make it accessible again? 


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Certain configuration steps must be taken to enable access to % classes in non-/csp/sys/... web applications. Here's a link to the documentation about that.

Also, rather than creating your own % classes, you might consider either using the %All namespace (see documentation) or starting the package name with %Z. Starting the class's package name with %Z will prevent the class from being overwritten upon upgrade (which is important!) and, as a bonus, would also allow access from non-/csp/sys/ web applications automatically (according to the documentation at the first link).