· Nov 13, 2016

To access object property value, performance wise whats fast method ?

Lets say i have a record "Person". If i want to access the "Name" property of that object which one of the following best option performance wise

1. Option 1

set record = ##class(Test.Person).%OpenId(1)

write record.Name

2. Option 2

 write ##class(Test.Person).NameGetStored(1)

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The second option will be faster because we don't need to take in the whole object and put it into memory.  The first option does have to do that.  Here's a quick test that shows the second way is faster:

SAMPLES>s ts = $P($ZTS,",",2) f i=1:1:100000 { s name= ##class(Sample.Person).NameGetStored(1) } w "Time: "_(($P($ZTS,",",2))-ts)

Time: .139673

SAMPLES>s ts = $P($ZTS,",",2) f i=1:1:100000 { s p= ##class(Sample.Person).%OpenId(1) s name=p.Name } w "Time: "_(($P($ZTS,",",2))-ts)

Time: .504776

Now, if you want to go SUPER-fast, you can skip all this objects mumbo-jumbo and get that info right from the global:

SAMPLES>s ts = $P($ZTS,",",2) f i=1:1:100000 { s name = $LG(^Sample.PersonD(1),2)} w "Time: "_(($P($ZTS,",",2))-ts)

Time: .029287

However, this has no safeguards built in, and should only be used for your most dire of performance needs.