· Mar 30, 2017

Accepted answer - nice feature to "make the World better"

Hi, Community!

There are plenty of questions on Developer Community every day, which is great!

And which is even better - there are plenty of answers! 

A few months ago we introduced a nice feature - 'accepted answer'.

'Accepted answer' is a checkbox on the left of every other answer you see in a question post. So it let's op to mark the particular answer as accepted one. If you do that, this question disappears from unanswered filter.

And, we introduced a special challenge of "Accepted answer" in Global Masters which gives 150 points for every answer which is marked as accepted.



So let's accept the answers (only in the case if an answer is the ANSWER of course), decrease the number of unanswered questions in InterSystems Technology and make the World better! ;)

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