· Nov 4, 2022

834 X12 file with single ST SE block with multiple members

Hello Developers.

I have a question regarding X12 834 file for Payers.

We have a client thats sending X12 834 file with single ST SE block and has thousands of members in one single block and X12 process is throwing STORE error when processing this file.

Has anyone ran into this issue and has a way of splitting 834 file into single <ST> <SE> block?

Thank you in advance


Product version: IRIS 2019.1
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Hi Sheetal,

Kill the variable that represents the processed segment at the end of loop.

If you be working with Array or List after Get or Set of the some item, call the method %UnSwizzleAt to remove the item object from memory. If the array or list be a property in a Persistent class, Save the instance of persistent class before call the %UnSwizzletAt to the item.