· May 30, 2018

3 Daemon WRTDMN (pid 28161) died. Freezing system

Hi I am getting below error after rebooting Linux system and restarting cache services.

Daemons are running (shared memory object is missing)

cconsole giving error 3 Daemon WRTDMN (pid 28161) died. Freezing system

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Whenever you see a message in the log which makes you think the system may be hung or frozen, such as 'Freezing system', please run the CacheHung command before restarting the instance or OS.  This will collect information on how and why the system is hung, and may direct you to take further steps to collect information.

CacheHung is an OS script located in the bin directory under your install directory.  On a Linux system, you can run it with a command such as:

bash$ cd /InterSystems/Cache/bin

bash$ ./

You'll need to use your own path to the bin directory, of course.  There will be several prompts about what to collect, and the script will take a minute or two to run.  Depending on your configuration, you may need to be root to run it.

Once the data has been collected, you can open the generated file with a web browser and go to the "self-diagnosis" section to see whether more steps are suggested.