· May 28, 2020

1st Anniversary of InterSystems Spanish Developer Community!

Hi Developers,

I'm pleased to announce that in May InterSystems Spanish Developer Community celebrates its 1st Anniversary! 🎉

Our Spanish Community is growing: 300+ articles have been published this year and about 900 web users visit the site every month!


Together we did a lot this year, and a lot more is planned for the next years! Thank you for using it, thanks for making it useful, thanks for your knowledge, experience, and your passion!

And let us warmly welcome our Spanish colleagues who make the Spanish site better every day. Many thanks to @David Reche@Esther Sanchez@Kurro Lopez and @Nancy Martínez! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Happy Birthday, Spanish Developer Community! 

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We are preparing a great concert to celebrate it with world famous guests, such as Beyonce, Jenifer Lopez, Maluma, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Rosalia, and some other surprises ...
We are waiting for the pandemic to allow us to do so, or we are going to have to suspend it.

hehehe, just kidding ... we will have a couple of beers for what we have done and for what we are going to do.

Thanks @Anastasia Dyubaylo