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Hi Anthony,

Thank you for the info r.e. the MESH Lookup, this was really useful and helped me persevere with this. I have now managed to get this working, which I am over the moon about.

Do you send to multiple EMIS sites and if so, how do you find the relevant MESH mailboxes if the lookup doesn't always return a mailbox? And to really push my luck, have you set anything up to send to a TPP site?

Many thanks for all of the information you have supplied so far.



Hi Ant,

The receiving GP Practice is also using EMIS Web. I presumed, or should I say, hoped that this would be standardised across all EMIS users as well as my belief that DocMan send using Kettering xml and therefore they would be setup to receive Kettering xml.

We currently use DocMan however I want to test a theory as DocMan convert our pdf for EMIS users into a .tif and the conversion tool they use is increasing the size of the files so much that it crashes the EMIS system. 1 file grew from 2MB (original pdf)  to 37MB (converted .tif) during the conversion.

I have now configured the MESHLookup Operation within our system which again bears me bad news as their ODS Code and the "DISCH_KET" workflow ID doesn't return a mailbox.



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