Hi Sean,

thank you for the answer!

I want to execute my Atelier Application. The documentation says, that I can use the RunLegacyTask method.

But  how I can execute my Atelier Method through the terminal?

Best regards

Hi Alexander,

Sorry for my bad english. After executing the code the property is defined. My problem is now that when I import my JSON data which looks like this:

  "entry": [
   "Datum": "08-05-2015",
   "Kalorien": 1934,
   "Schritte": 905,
   "Distanzinm": "0,65",
   "Stockwerke": 0,
   "Aktivitaetsitzendinmin": 1355,
   "Aktivitaetleichtinmin": 46,
   "Aktivitaetmoderatinmin": 0,
   "Aktivitaetintensivinmin": 0,
   "LeistungsumsatzinKalorien": 168


It only saves the data as %DOC as shown in the picture,  but I want it to save it as the header "Kalorien". So after creating the property and importing the data is should be saved as "Kalorien" aswell or am I wrong?

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