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Hi Robert,

I've already testet your fix with my code.

It works just fine in Caché, even without the customized datatype classes - thanks! yes

Regards, Thomas

Seems like the JSONTYPE as Property-Parameter is only available in IRIS.

Therefore I've now implemented the solution suggested by @Timothy Leavitt with own datatype-classes using the JSONTYPE class-paramter. So far it seems to work.

Hope we could upgrade to IRIS anytime soon. But unfortunately we are not quite there yet.



I've adapted your simple example:

Class test.TestJSONExport Extends (%RegisteredObject, %ZJSON.Adaptor)
Property int As %Integer; 
Property bool As %Boolean; 
Property str As %String(MAXLEN = ""); 

ClassMethod test()
    set obj = ..%New()
    set obj.bool=1
    set obj.str="TEST"
    set sc = obj.%JSONExport()

With this I get the following terminal-output:

do ##class(test.TestJSONExport).test()

Is it because I'm using the backported %ZJSON from Robert in Caché?



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