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No that's not really what I meat. My question was much more generic about data projection of object data like listOfObjects.
When you look at the projected data of those "object" collections they are projected as $LISTBUILD lists in SQL. So the question was, is there a reporting tool out there in use, that can handle the object data from IRIS as for IRIS there is no object binding anymore like there was for Caché.

For Java there is the cachedb.jar and that binding doesn't exist for IRIS.

Hello Ramya,

sorry for the confusion.

The class Config.Configuration is deprecated. so it should'n be used anmore (mentioning it, was my fault, as my samples simply came from our code base, where we still use this interface).

so assuming you have a database named TEST2 in your system you would call

do ##class(Config.Configuration).AddNamespace("TESTNAMESPACE","TEST2","TEST2")

But this is, as mentioned deprecated

The object orientated way to do this remains in Config.Namespaces. In the docimentation there are actually samples on what to do to create a new namespace using this interface.

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